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Fantasy ERP System

By integrating the Fantasy System as an inventory management solution, companies are now able to efficiently run all their management needs from one platform, allowing employees to create and attain access to all the information about their products. The Fantasy system enables users to customize their inventory needs while allowing the addition of tailor-made solutions to enhance the efficiency of their inventory management.

The Fantasy system is a multi-platform Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that includes:


Fantasy eCommerce Solution

A web diamond software that makes business to business diamond online commerce easier and more profitable then ever.

At Rubinstein Software, we leverage our extensive eCommerce experience and your one-to-one personalization demands to increase purchasing efficiency for you and for your customers.

Fantasy eCommerce 2.52 helps your organization increase profitability by expanding your customer base, protecting strategic buyer relationships, optimizing operations and reducing costs.

Feed Center: inventory distribution service

Automatic service for synchronizing diamonds inventory with the industry trade platforms (Rpanet,IDEX,Blue Nile, Polygon and more...).

The Feed Center service is auto-pdate your inventory in to your Feed Center's cloud account and then updates your websites.

No need to manually export a file from your software and to upload it to yourself.

The Feed Center service can also synchronize your certificates and images files.

We work with almost every known platform in the industry and can easily adjust to a change required.
Special markups and filters can be applied.

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